Hi everyone!

I hope you are staying safe. If you have been connecting with me on my social media handles, you will see I have been doing some paperworks. So, yay, I am organizing a payment free whatsapp class where I will teach how to make a paper flower using available household materials starting from your old calender(s), especially for this lockdown. In fact, you just need 4 simple materials to do this. See how mine came out:

Of course, you can do it too.

So, here is the link to join the group on whatsapp:

Don’t forget to share o brethren. This is a BC that includes the link that you can easily share home and abroad😀:

Good day💪
Here is a whatsapp class where you will be taught how to make paper flowers using few available household items, starting from your old calender.
The class will be on whatsapp and will hold on the 16th of May, 2020.
Please, join via this link and remember to share/ repost:
Anybody can learn this craft; even kids can partake in it. It’s that easy😁
Thank you and no payment is involved!!!

And also a poster to go along:

Please, don’t forget to share this to/with everyone you know and connect with me on instagram, facebook and youtube. You can also place orders for your ankara jotters here and watch my newest youtube video here; I gave a storytime of my first train transportation experience in Nigeria.

See you in class!!!

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