Hello everyone. I hope you are all well? Today, we will be taking a topic under depression.

Dealing with depression takes a toll on virtually every aspect of a person’s life. Depression makes you lazy, tired, weak and do procrastination. And it is not your fault!!!! It is depression’s fault. Stop blaming yourself please. Being alive as a depressed person is enough stress so stop blaming yourself for not being active and not being able to carry out activities like before. One’s existence alone is enough source of discouragement for a person in depression.

When you are depressed, your brain is sick and I liken it to having malaria. When you are having malaria, you can’t be as productive like when you are well. The same way with depression; you can’t be as productive because your brain is not very strong or well. I explain these things so you can take it easy on yourself. Take it easy. Gradually, allow yourself recover. Take it easy.

So, here are the tips for dealing with procrastination as a depression patient:
Start anyhow: Start from anywhere. Start from somewhere. Start afraid. Just start from anywhere. Sometimes, the work looks bulky that we get discouraged because we don’t even know where to start. This is why I advise you to start from anywhere that is comfortable or easy for you.

Set smaller goals: You are not very well health-wise so stop comparing yourself with people who are very healthy. This is why you should set smaller goals. Big goals will scare and discourage you. This is why we will adopt the ‘little drops of water makes a mighty ocean’ proverb. Set baby goals.

Set your goals over a longer period of time: if you were able to carry out 10 activities in one day, this time around, look forward to just carrying out 5 activities per day. This will make you slower than others but this is how you can cope and it is okay. Overworking yourself can trigger your depression, remember that.

Have an accountability person: have a reasonable accountability person. Preferably, have an accountability person that understands depression. If the person doesn’t understand depression, they may be too harsh in dealing with you. You want a firm and strict, yet understanding person to call you to order and make you sit tight but still someone who will understand why you skipped a day of work because you suffered a little relapse.

Have more playtime than more worktime: If you have 16 hours a day being awake, you can use 6 hours to work and 10 hours to relax. This is because you should treat yourself as someone sick or recovering. You can’t work a lot of hours like someone that is not depressed. I’m not encouraging you to be lazy but you need to recuperate well. And depression is hard. It is not easy for a depressed person to get motivation. As time goes on, you can gradually increase your work hours, eg after two months, you can increase to 6 and a half hours for work per day and 9 and a half hours for relaxation, etc.

-Avoid overworking yourself because this can lead to a menty-b (mental breakdown).

-Give yourself rewards for milestones you have achieved. Give yourself a treat and clap for yourself.

I hope these tips help you guys. Please reach out to me if you need help. I wish you speedy recovery and all love you need and deserve. Don’t forget to follow up with me through my social media handles: fb @Adeleke Mosunmoluwa, ig @tinycoloredmiracle, youtube @Tinycoloredmiracle Vlogs and tiktok @Tinycoloredmiracle. I have lovely Ankara-designed jotters for sale. Just check ig @tcm-ankarajotters to see a variety of designs.

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