Hello you guys! Happy new year!!! Its been a while! I thought to update you of what’s been happening in my life.

I started attending a new church:

I started doing my nails myself:

I attended my first wedding in Kaduna and met the CEO of Cutest Photography:

I found an easy way to wear my hair without necessarily getting a cut or plaiting it. Plaiting my hair causes a lot of itch and discomfort in my scalp. Give me solutions if you have any please. I also hated my lowcuts from the barber. So now, I just keep my hair short, relax it and kind of give it a jerry curl form when I feel like:

I attended my first ever bridal shower. I headed the decoration and that was my first decoration for a bridal shower too. Watch the decoration process here and the bridal shower moment here:

I started working for a TV station as a presenter and it was fun. Kindly see the videos where I featured via this link. I also have an interesting BEHIND THE SCENES video of one of shoots here.

I made soyabean tofu the first time ever in my life. I love it especially when soaked in stew:

I had my first visit to the IDU Train Station, Abuja. It was nice but really far from town:

I did some crotchetting!! With different colors!!!

I also made a fascinator using yarn wool. You can watch how I made it on my YouTube channel here.

I’ve also been eating a lot of fruits but made an heartbreaking combo: pineapple, watermelon and coconut. The oil from the coconut changed the taste and made it not very nice to drink; I ended up wasting it but a lesson learnt. Or is there a way to extract the oil? Please, let us know.

I got lucky and then unlucky with watermelons:

I still sell ankara jotters. So, please send the orders via 08022564138 by call or Whatsapp or @tcm_ankarajotters on Instagram:

Finally, I started @nigerianpidginbible on instagram. Kindly follow on instagram:

This post was probably screaming POSITIVITY, VIBING AND ENJOYMENT but trust me, I’ve had my shares of lows, downs and tears this very year so far but it is well.

But, it is well.

I changed my Facebook handle to ADELEKE MOSUNMOLUWA but my Instagram remains TINYCOLOREDMIRACLE. You can definitely reach out to me. Also kindly subscribe to my youtube channel here and drop your comments on these posts. Bye!

5 thoughts on “MY LIFE UPDATE: 2021 SO FAR

Add yours

  1. Omohhh
    What am I doing with my life biko😭😭
    I’m just here using this Msc as excuse oo
    But it’s draining😭 esp the thesis part.
    I want to be like you when I grow up💪


    1. My dear dont talk about yourself like that. I know you are more than that and I’m not flattering you. It is who you honestly are. Just don’t get yourself into that kind of pressure. Regardless of how it feels, I see how you are still fighting to scale through and for that, I applaud you. Let’s talk more on this on WhatsApp. You will be fine love.


  2. Hi Mosun,
    This is some amazing documentaries you have here. Keep it up. Regardless of how things may be with you at the moment, I tell you that you are doing well, girl and you’ve got a fan in me.


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