Hi everyone! Who is just knowing that the biographic movie of Mike Bamiloye’s life is out? Oya, if you are, you need to watch it asap. Here is a review by a blog visitor:

“Whenever God is leading you to the lowest valley,you might want to get a hoe and search for your answers because your gold might just be around the corner” This was one of the quote that got my attention most in the movie… I kept pondering about it over and over that I had to rewatch the movie for about two times.

The movie was released on the 3rd of May 2020 on YouTube and was directed by Damilola Mike Bamiloye. The movie about thelife of a great Evangelist and drama minister in the person of Evangelist Mike Abayomi Bamiloye (MAB) and its lead actors were Adejumobi oluwaseun and Tolulope Mike Bamiloye.
Mike bamiloye’s life is a great lesson and encouragement to the body of Christ. We see from his young age that he lost his mother at a very tender age. His only sister took over and was taking care of him but she had to go to school, she left him with an old woman called iya Eleni , who sells mats has her name implies. Mike at a very tender age started stealing and all efforts to make him stop proved abortive till the old woman died and he was taken away from her.He was later taken to a Christian family and there was a slight change in his behavior but it was not thorough; here we see that our environment matters a lot in our life’s journey. He was able to go to church and that was where he knew little about God when the pastor quoted in Jeremiah 1:5 and he realized God knew him even before he was born. He gave his life to Christ later in his journey and things began to work out for him…. For some time he derailed and he almost died so he had to rededicate his life to Christ. He got admission to two schools but God told him to pick the poorest school out of the two schools of which he followed God’s Instructions. He saw that he had a flare for drama and he started it with stage play. The lord called him into full time drama ministry and he resigned as a school teacher. His sister, the only parent he had that was meant to support him tagged it as foolishness. It was in the ministry he found his wife and they started together till God helped them.
The title of the movie was gotten from a scene in the movie where God called him to go to Kano to minister for a month and most of his drama members didn’t agree so he was waiting for them at the train station but few later came.

This movie teaches us that we should put all our trust in God and rightly said in Proverbs 3 :5-6
We should walk by faith and not by sight.
As Christians, we fulfill purpose and it is in fulfilling purpose you find a partner that will help you achieve the purpose. Despite the fact that brother Mike didn’t have a paying job and the embarrassment his sister gave me on his introduction, he waited on God and he was fully supported by sister Gloria, his wife.
It also teaches that man’s foolishness is God’s best plan.
It also tells us that anyway that seems right to a man can lead to destruction; assuming brother Mike didn’t follow God’s plan to take him to that school he felt was too small he might have not fulfilled his calling.
Lastly, before we can enjoy God’s benefits we need to be born again and God chastises whomever he loves.
Thank you

About Rhoda Dibie
Rhoda is a student, a teacher and a passionate french speaker.
She is also a born again Christian and she loves God with all her life. She would also love to act christian movies as well.
You can connect with her on ig @rhodadibie and on facebook @Rhoda Dibie

You can watch the movie here. Also, I reviewed this movie on my youtube channel here; please, do watch. Thank you for stopping by. Please, don’t forget to share this to/with everyone you know and connect with me on instagram, facebook and youtube. You can also place orders for your ankara jotters here.

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