Hi everyone! I Hope you are well?

I just want to give you a very simple recipe on how to make wateryam balls with pictures as a guide. If you are familiar with akara, you will notice this recipe is similar to akara or with akara(these days, I’m not sure I can speak english again😢😢lol)

You need:
I small tuber of wateryam(compulsorily wateryam o),
2 peppers,
1 small onion,
Maggi seasoning or anyone you use,

Peel, rinse and grate the wateryam.

It will come out like this:

Then, blend(not too smoothly) or dice the peppers and onion, then add to the grated wateryam. It should come out stretchy and thick.

Add salt and seasoning to taste. Then, mix all very well with a cooking spoon.

Scoop with a spoon in bits and fry in hot oil till golden brown:

The oil must always be hot when frying to avoid the balls soaking oil.
Grate the yam with carefulness and try to avoid it getting on your skin because I think it causes itches on the skin. Please, refer to picture above to see how I tried to be careful when grating. If you don’t have the local wood for grating, you can use the normal grater you use for okro, etc. Like this one:

You can use your measurements as you want, not necessarily use the one above; flexibility😊
I took mine with malt one day laidat. Moral of this tip is don’t forget your drink😂

Here is the finished work:

you for stopping by. Please, don’t forget to share this to/with everyone you know and connect with me on instagram, facebook and youtube. For clarifications, you can also do that in the comment section.

Until next time, bye and stay safe!


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