Let it be registered in your mind ehn, that I have avoided using the word ‘corona’ or ‘covid-19’ on my social media handles. It just looked like a silent taboo for me, but look at us now. Nawah oh.

Anyway, you should be familiar with the word ‘security’; I am almost convinced that everyone reading this is. So, I got into school mode to the extent that I used a laptop to type this blog post, as if it is an assignment stuff. Anyway, what we will be discussing today is along the line of what I studied in the university; it’s actually involved.
Security basically means to be safe and secure. When we say security, what usually comes to people’s minds is defence, protection with arms, the military, etc(this is conventional security). Well, some years ago, the concept has now extended to include the safety of individuals and communities. It includes human security and that basically covers stuff like healthcare, human rights, food security, economy, mental and psychological health, politics, etc; basically issues that concerns the day to day life of humans. So, when we talk about insecurity, a place is not necessarily guaranteed as secure only if the area has great defence and protection through arms and ammunition, but if also the human beings dwelling in it have their welfare in top notch, or at least good, to a considerable extent.
Back to COVID-19, this demon has affected the non-conventional security and welfare of even great powers. And like I said earlier, you notice it has less of the involvement of big weapons, guns, armoured tanks, etc although I think covid-19 is a bioweapon but that is another story for another day. Anyway, the non-conventional security issues in this COVID-19 phase are simple issues of life that you are familiar with, basically issues that affect you and I- the degree of adequate healthcare being affected because there are lots of infected patients and this puts pressure on hospital staff (who are more exposed to the virus. We salute them all!) and facilities, economies are being affected, countries have their attentions removed from their goals of 2020 to now battling with getting ‘deliverance’ from the virus, there are lots of untimely and painful deaths, there is fear and panic with people having their psychological state of mind being disturbed, lock downs, people have their normal day of life routines being disrupted, businesses closed, internet more unsafe as hackers have doubled their efforts to use the present condition to attack and scam unsuspecting users, hike in prices of goods, etc. It also affected my ankara jotters business.

Added to it is the consideration of developing countries where the economic rate/survival of some citizens are low. There are some people that only have access to food and basic necessities based on the money they make per day, so how do they cope during these lockdowns? And these countries are not even giving them enough/proper relief materials for times like these smh.
Now, the major reason why I was inspired to write this post is my concern for human rights in Nigeria. Information reached me that the army is responsible for enforcing lockdowns in the areas selected and announced. If this is true, our police is already filled with accusations of human rights abuses, now you bring the army? Those people are crazy, yes I said it! I’ve been living with them for more than a year now. My people, I am concerned. This government gets me tired over and over sincerely. Why the military? To really scare people into obedience? The military are a people that don’t listen, they don’t care and they don’t flinch. I am afraid because people who defy these orders for very important things like emergencies may meet army personnel(s) that can have uncalled for kind of craze and things might go south. Even I abi na me that lives amongst them can’t boast of having 1 single friend amidst them, they can just be so annoying. Some of them are nice and if you married one of them, you have done well (Oin!!!), but really, I don’t trust them to not be extreme. Sigh.
There it is y’all. Why don’t we discuss more about this issue and few solutions via the comment section please. My analysis may be wrong and you can educate me or just share your opionion(s). While we do that, please remember to give to people who don’t have much if you can, stay safe, avoid panic and be prayerful.
Till next time, God be with us all.

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Update: Few days after this post, I saw in the news that a soldier killed someone in Warri and warri people wey no dey carry last killed the soldier and then I saw one soldier threatening in a video that he will rape women in Warri skin to skin and infect them with HIV to avenge the death of that soldier.

So, you see the circle of affected national security: abuse of human rights, violence, sexual abuse, etc. It’s saddening.

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  1. Force men are just taking the opportunity of this lock down to do extremely unacceptable things. They like to maximize the slightest opportunity of violating the lockdown rules to dehumanize defaulters. I think it’s wrong and unacceptable.


  2. You quite correct on your proposition dear, the military in Nigeria are better off fighting their national subject than facing the enemy.


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