Happy new yeaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!
So, what’s up with me?

I’ve been living my life!
I really didn’t want to return to Kaduna. I didn’t want to leave home😢, but I had to so after the back and forth, I eventually got back.
First became accomodation issues. Where exactly did I want to stay? I was weighing my options, looking at the pros and cons. I finally decided to settle where I stayed last year. Sadly, I was assigned another lodge away from my friend(s) and when I sought for a change, it didn’t go well so I just stayed where I was assigned. I was finding it difficult to actually swallow the reality that I was being treated like a secondary school student in a postgraduate environment (something I paid a lot for). Sigh. I’m not saying secondary school students should be maltreated but I think at postgraduate level, certain things should be different. I’ve still not gotten over it.
Anyhoo, the room that was assigned to me was a nightmare: smelt of soak-away(terrible, teh-rible smell), bed got bad(we had to put mattress on the floor), and other issues.
I was not going to report or do anything about it because of how I was treated earlier, but my friend(s) made me take up the matter plus I had a roomate I couldn’t be inconveniencing like that. I wrote a letter and I got a better room. This is a lesson, even if silence may be the best answer sometimes, other times speaking up is the best.

Initially, when I wanted to return to Kaduna, I was afraid of having a boring, monotonous life, but look at me. I have a lot of activities to catch up with now. So, I thank God for beneficial activities that kick off boredom for my life.

One of those activities include my ankara jotters! Yayyy, I now make ankara jotters for sale. These and more designs are available. Please, patronize your girl and advertise for her. I enjoy what I do!

I have also be doing art work with wool(yarn) and it’s been great. I hope to have time and the zeal for more creativity.

So, guess what? I visited Kano!
I enjoyed my stay fah….

I also went to Abuja. I went for a cancer awareness walk and was at that their new, fine airport.

I attended my first every physical YALI event since I joined in 2017 and got a free shirt. Yay:

Also, my hair has been itching me and dandruff smh. So, they said tea tree oil is good and I got this:
I hope its not a waste of money…..

I also checked my youtube and suddenly saw I have over 111 subscribers and I even saw one of my videos that has over 800 views. Like what?!!!😮😮I was surprised and got encouraged to continue. So, I consider that and I see this will definitely add to my activities that make me say: ‘I’m busy.’ And I really apologize for my shortcoming in keeping up with replies and stuff. It’s not pride; my busy busy ehn. I’m sha sorry.

And before we go, let’s throw back to when my sister-in-law gave me this wonderful gift:

If there is any lesson I have learnt in 2020 so far, it’s don’t give up. Press on.

Until next time, enjoy your life o. Don’t kill yourself, trust in God and stay strong.

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