The songs of 2020

I decided to do a last post before 2019 ends.
This year has been a rollercoaster. I started the stress of academia again, but this time with the military. I’m forever a civilian though.
I had a lot of emotional negativities and I definitely don’t want to do that again. I felt I had failed myself plus other issues I can’t even remember now. I didn’t live a satisfactory life this year and I don’t like that. Wasted days and all. But, I’m grateful. I thank God I’m alive o. There were blessings regardless and I’m thankful.
Fastforward anyway, at the beginning of the year, I didn’t know the end of 2019 will be this eventful and come with happiness. My brother got married and it was parte after parte after….I am grateful to God for the success of it all. I have a new sister now. She is as pretty as ever and you will deal.
Interestingly also, I got a new crush and I’m not giving details because some village people will decode and I can’t have that, at least not yet. I hate having crushes and this current crushing of mine will die. In fact, it shall and it must. I don’t have the time for all that. I’m not saying le crush should die o, ah God forbid. I mean the crush-feeling shall.

Okay, y’all getting what?! Can’t you decode? Because my sister is taller than I am, people have started asking who is older. Who is older? Who is what older? What are you talking about? 4 years space!!! Why are you deceived. I am older. Always will be😭😭Put some respekk for me!

Anyway, a big shout out to everyone who stood by me in 2019. I am so thankful.

So for 2020, I hope we sing better songs. I am tired of hoping and living in dashed hopes anyway, but I hope and pray 2020 is better.
So, here’s to:
Songs of happiness,
Songs of hope,
Songs of life,
Songs of good news,
Songs of testimonies,
Songs of light,
Somgs of encouragement,
Songs of help,
Songs of laughter,
Songs of clarity and direction,
Songs of fruitfulness,
Songs of bright colors,
Songs of big colored miracles and
All songs of all things good, great, big and sweet.

May you find the best in 2020. Practically.
See you in the new year💖

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