Did you know that the bible actually talks about minding your own business? Oh yes, it did (1 Thessalonians 4: 11). It’s good to mind your business actually. Minding your business saves you a lot of stress and drama for real. This is a normal gist, but how far should you mind your business? Do we actually mind our businesses? I am not sure that it is possible to mind your business like completely-totally or totally-completely.

So, the recent talks about minding one’s business started getting me upset. Plus song o and video o and posts o, people just be talking about ‘mind your business.’ One lady was so ‘kind’ that she made a video showing a bottle of water and another of soft drinking and the summary was her conclusion about ‘drinking water and minding your business’. I refuse to say that that video got me cringing.

Have you realized that even you that is telling us to mind our businesses is not minding yours, because if you are minding yours, you will not be concerned by what others do (well, except it directly or indirectly affects you)?

Anyway, this rule does not apply to me because I am Mosunmoluwa and I am queen and you will deal and I can tell you to mind your business and you will not tell me I am not minding mine by telling you to mind yours. Urrgh worefa. Lol!

However, the truth is that this minding your business will not work or benefit humanity at all times.

See, should you mind your business when:
-You see a child crossing the road carelessly and a car is moving with the likelihood to hit that child, yet you can save the child?
-You have the ability and funds to contribute to the medical bills of a person who is in need?
-You have the opportunity to speak sense to the heads of your younger ones on how to live life right?
-You see your Christian brother/sister in need or backsliding?
-You should pray for others?

I know these may be obvious questions but, whatever it is, I hope you get my point now? People need to chill about this your business thing fah. When you need help or assistance, a high probability that you will not care that people don’t mind their businesses and they just help your situation. Remember, Jesus did not stick to minding his business when He came to die for you and I, so how far is this business minding?

Not minding your business can be a dicey and backfiring situation though. Sometimes, you hear of people who didn’t mind their businesses and helped others, only for these ‘others’ to do great evil to them. What to do? But, remember, if you are a child of God, no weapon…!!! Don’t forget God’s cover on you, but still listen to the voice of the spirit anyway.

Conclusively, I think the best option is asking God for wisdom, guidance, direction and clarity on when and when not to mind your business.
May God help us all.

Okay, so for my topic, it means ‘My opinion about Mind Your Business’.
Thanks for coming. Remember to mind your business this week.Or not.

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