This book was gifted to me by a friend and I was so pumped when I saw it. If you know me, via real life or social media or both, then you know that I have been on this humanitarian cause for a while.
And this is what the book is about.
The book was majorly addressed to Christians. From the beginning, the book admitted and apologized over the neglect of Christians towards reaching out to the poor, sick, needy and less privileged. And on top, we have people we christians call unbelievers doing this philanthropy/humanitarian work while we christians are slacking. The guy was so passionate when he was talking about this matter.

You know, I used to think of it, of how christians are so carried away with getting to heaven that it looks like they turn a blind eye to the ills in the society(it’s good they are very focused on heaven, don’t get me wrong). Of course, it is good to be heaven-oriented, but before you reach that heaven, part of your ministry as a christian here on earth is compassion. That was part of Jesus’s life here on earth. You will agree with me that Jesus was extensively involved in reaching out to humanity while he was on earth and reaching out to people is serious to Him as well as indicated in Matthew 25: 34-46.
The book also addressed issues like HIV/AIDs, colonialism, slave trade, diseases, child labor, abuse, etc.

Yh, so on how to bleed the love of Christ and live the red letters life, the author said it is living a transformed life- living a life where the needs of the poor and the diseased rank high on your ‘what’s important’ list; this humanity business should be part of your priority. He also mentioned ways with which you can live the red letters life (prayer, fasting, getting involved, giving) as well as organizations involved in humanitarian work that you can work with.

The book has a lot of information and it was an encouraging and wonderful one, but personally, I had certain issues:
●My probably sentimental mind had ‘backflips’ because the man kept talking about Africa and the suffering therein and all. You know, if you have been discriminated against and maltreated by a certain group of people, the few one(s) among them that has/have a genuine intention might not be your interest for consideration. So, let’s blame this on my own over-sentimental mind, because truly there is suffering in Africa and other parts of the world. And they need intervention, love and care.
●Related to the first I mentioned is in page 60 of the book where he said “…including the African health minister…” I have not fathomed that statement. Or maybe I misunderstood the statement, but Africa is not a country sir. Maybe he was trying to say “the South African minister…” or “an African minister…”. But, if it’s a mistake, it is an expensive one, asides from the fact that that is the only part I remember seeing any ‘mistake’ in the book. But like I said earlier, maybe I misunderstood. You can explain to me what you think he really meant in the comment section.

I read the review of the book online and:
-Someone said it had outdated data. Nawah o, of course the data would be outdated when you are reading a book on a date that is different from the published date. Uncle, go and google to get updated data. Shift biko.
-Another person said the book guilt trips. I don’t agree because the author was saying the truth about Christians not living the red letters life and he also suggested ways they can. It’s not as if on every page, he kept on talking about the fault and shortcomings of christians and worse still, it was not like he was carrying a hammer and judging them into condemnation. I don’t see guilt tripping and even if there is, please, take your mind off that and get down to doing the goal of the book- reaching out to those that need compassion.

With these, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been involved in reaching out to humanity with hands of love. I also want to challenge and encourage you (Christian or not), to be involved in humanitarian service. Reach out to impart and impact. Give. Show love. If you have started, please let us continue. For guidance to start and be involved, please, send me a message via my social media handles below. Also, if/when you are discouraged to do good, I perfectly understand you and you are not judged, please read this.
For the Christians, this is one of the ways to preach the gospel too you know. Please, continue the work(s) of your master.

Let me quickly state that I am interested on going for mission trips in other African countries. Please, reach me via my social media platforms (FB-Mosunmoluwa Adeleke; IG-tinycoloredmiracle) or in the comment section if you know verified and genuine organizations I can work with.
You can get the book to read it so you relate more with my review and find options on how to bleed- living the red letters life.
Until next time, thank you for stopping by.
Please, comment and share, share and share.


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