This is to address my long absence and it’s the faults of: aye (life), procastination, laziness, internal battles, Emotional World War 3, etc.
Life has been indeed the rollercoster and I don’t even know if this is the characteristic of adult life that we all need to just accept our fates and deal with. It’s a concern actually. Do we need to have battles every single year? Lord have mercy chai smh.
But, I noticed that no matter how tough it is for me, committing suicide is not usually my thing. I might force myself to think about it but No, it’s like God just feran (loves) me like that. And I’m grateful.
If you have suicidal thoughts, this is not in anyway to mean that God does not love you oh!
I had a massive strain in my relationship with God. I wished/wish I have someone to talk too. I had doubts and it was another drama on its own. God, my eyes have seen!
I also had/have a problem with forgiving myself over past mistakes. I hope it gets better and I let go.

Anyway, keeping up, your girl has been surviving. I volunteered for a Tedx event,
I took volunteering classes with The Volunteer Hub (check them on ig, fb and twitter @thevolunteershub. It was a super experience btw. You can read my feedback on ig @tinycoloredmiracle and on fb @Mosunmoluwa Adeleke),
I started an initiative to reach out to school students with a person that called me a Barracks girl (I don’t know when he will hear the last of this, but then I think the initiative was birthed from this Barracks girl drama.), this is not the first time I will be reaching out to school students though. I explained how to carry out a school outreach in a budget-friendly manner here.
I made snacks and cooked different types of meals,
I downloaded EmmaohmaGod’s faaji friday videos and danced and danced (Yes dancing is my thing),
I attended a sexual purity programme titled Freeze organised by the MINE ministry,
plus a whole lot of other activities.

Have I told you that God called me his David? And also that He told me to allow him be my superhero? That’s the coolest and if I rant and make noise and dwell on it, you will deal lol. Yes, you will because this love is super super, I can’t fathom.

Anyway, I will be ending this now. But, before I go,
God loves you.
You see those your battles, just download Ada’s ‘I overcame’, sure because you have. You’d be fine. Don’t commit suicide. We want you. Stay with us.
You can talk to God.
May you be strengthened.
Speak to someone if you need to.
It is well.

Please, share this post to everyone you know and ask them to share with everyone they know too.


6 thoughts on “AH MOSUN BABY PEPEREMPE!!!

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  1. Awwwn mosun my baby! My strong woman in glad you overcame! Stay blessed… if u need someone to talk u holla I dey 4 u!


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