I belong to the band-wagon of ‘do good, be good, be kind to others, Jesus said we should love our neighbours as ourselves…’

However, from experience, I have come to realise the bitter reality of doing good:
-There are times you have done good and it has backfired in a negative way (yorubas will say ‘o jebi.’). Olorun ma je ki a shey ore daran!
-You have done good and the person repaid you with evil. This actually really hurts. (I even heard of the story of a man and his wife who took care of a certain guy. The guy was caught by the wife while he was stealing from them. This guy killed her. He killed her!!! An elderly woman💔😭. Real life story.)
-People don’t care about you; they are just concerned with what they can get from you.
-At the end of the day, you look like a fool because people keep taking and taking from you; taking advantage of the fact that you are very kind and can give them even your eye. Some may even steal from you.

-You have done good and people don’t value you. When they needed you, they were all over you but things became sour and they forgot the good you ever did and really just pushed you out of their lives. When they needed jobs, you helped, but when they were to get married, they did not even inform you. (It might not be compulsory they inform you though, but it is only morally right for the love of God. That’s one of the ways to include a person who has shown you love. Let them feel respected too.)
Sadly, we humans tend to remember the hurt done to us than the good and that is sad.
-You did them good and when you needed their help, they suddenly became deaf and could not understand your english-accent again.
-You have borrowed people money, even church members and after then, they could not recognise you again. They did not return the money. They did not call to apologize. They are just silent about it; yet they see you in church and greet you and smile and act like nothing ever happened.

These and more are very hurtful situations. These can discourage a person from doing good and showing love. These can harden people’s hearts and make them look away when people need help. What they will just do when someone asks for help is what the bible asked us not to do: they will say ‘my brother, ehyah, God will provide.’ It’s not because they do not have but doing good has now been made difficult for them.
I was in these shoes recently and I felt bad for my mum and I. This was even family for crying out loud. It was actually painful. Hmmm, God help us.

Then, I turned to Galatians 6: 9-10:
9And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. 10As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

Verse 9 first- As I was reading this in pain, I received the message: Your blessings from doing good and obedience to God on this matter is not dependent on the reactions of the people you did good to. Not dependent at all. Whether or not they appreciate you ni o, God has recorded it in heaven. Whether they reward you with evil and betrayal, you do not know how far your deed has gone in the heavenlies, that even your children and generations to God will enjoy from that your good deed.

You need to be strong and that strength can only be gotten from Jesus. What did you think when God asked you to endure hardness as a soldier of Christ? 2 Timothy 2:3 .May you receive grace for strength today.
When you are doing good to people, see it as you doing good to God and take your mind off those people. Don’t store your blessings with them. Store it with God. Look to God to pay you back and not these people. Afterall, God is the one that can never fail; He is the one we can really depend upon.
But, come sef, do you know that sometimes, we are ungrateful to God too? We will forget that he has given us life; we will not be grateful but complain about how we do not have Otedola’s wealth😀. We will continue to sin and sin instead of consecrating our lives in worship to the death of Christ on the cross.

Now, unto people who are guilty of this. Sometimes, some of us might even be guilty unintentionally. God will forgive us all!
But to you that will receive good from people and reward them with evil, the book of proverbs say evil shall not depart from the house of whoever repays evil with good.
And the bible does not joke, you know.
I beg you from today, let your actions encourage people who have shown you love. Even if you later had clashes, let your focus be on the good they have done to you. Don’t be the reason someone finds it hard to do good to others. Don’t be a source of pain.
Christians, the bitter truth is that we don’t act like christians even to our fellow christians and God is watching o. Verse 10 of Galatians chapter encourages us to do good ESPECIALLY unto those of the house of faith, unfortunately, the people in these category nowadays behave like sinners.
It’s not good o.
Hmmm *drags ear*
It’s not good o.

Today, I pray that where you have lost strength, grace shall replenish it.
Receive the grace of anointing.
Receive the grace of encouragement.
Receive the grace of light today in Jesus’ mighty name.

Thank you Holy Spirit.

Please, don’t forget to share and until next time, His presence will be your guide!

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