What are we running from?
A lot of things quite alright: the past, our enemies, dissapointments, dicouragements, challenges, stress, failure, risks, pain, sicknesses, fake friends (some of us possess mighty scissors to ‘cut them off’), village people, consequences, etc.
That apart, people are running from these things and they are ignorant/refuse to run from sin. Some are running from oppressions but are living in sin; eating, drinking, sinking, multiplying and living in sin.
Who shall we run to?
Shebi they said if we don’t know where we are going to, we sha know where we are coming from? Today, we shall know where we are running to:
This is the safest place you can run to. This is the most secure place in this world. It is to him all flesh shall come. He has the solutions, answers, solutions, peace, love, life, abundance, joy, happiness and a lot of greatness. Why don’t you accept this invitation today? Take this Jesus now. It is free. He loves you so much. Accept Him please. Give your life to Jesus Christ. He died for you. So much love omds😢

Which race should we run?
The heavenly race; the righteousness race; the holiness race. The race that has the Holy Spirit as our comforter, helper and strength.
In this race, the storm of life will come. This race does not exempt us from challenges and troubles, but our own situation is that we have a God that is on our side; He it is that will see us through. This race requires that we live consistent lives that run from sin and temptations; a live where we are reading, meditating and obeying the Word of God and following the footsteps of Jesus; denying our flesh and selves and walking after the Spirit. In this race, we demonstrate that we love God obeying him. 2 John 1:6. You must stick to this race to the end. Matthew 10: 22-‘…he that endures to the end shall be saved’
THIS IS THE GREATEST RACE OF LIFE. Don’t pursue after wealth, money, riches, cars, positions, etc so much that you abandon this race. You will have to answer when you get into the other side of judgement. Matthew 6:33 asks you to seek FIRST God’s kingdom and other things will be added to you. Don’t forget that this life is vanity.
May we be found worthy.

May heaven not deny us.


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