‘You are selfish. Evil man!’
‘And you are insane, you this woman.’

Nirin heard and sighed for the upteenth time. She was so tired. It had been 8 months since her parents, pastor Tili and his wife, felt that fighting and chaos were the new cool. She was even afraid that death would set in one day. Forget all that officiating they do in church, whenever they got back home, it was a disastric-tragedy.
Nirin sighed again in her black pyjamas and remembered how life was during her childhood days: the play, the love, the unity, friendship and beautiful life. In all her 17 years on earth, she had never perceived so much negativity as it was now. She heard a slap and then her dad started shouting again. She did not even bother to separate them; she was just tired, very tired.
She entered into her reminiscences again and remembered her conversation with her fellowship choir leader about her parents’ issues:
‘NO, no, no, Nirin, this is wrong. Do not let Satan have his way o. Kneel down and fire prayer. Satan wants to come in between your family, do not give him a chance!’
Indeed, it was true, but she did not even have the interest and strength to pray again. She regretted for those who held her parents in high esteem, especially in church. Yinmu.

She ignored the noise and commotion in the parlour and looked at her options on her bed: a sharp knife and a whole pack of paractemol. She smiled sadly as she picked the knife. Maybe this would bring peace to this house.’ she thought. She felt so sad for the young housemaid that had just moved in with them who had just been seeing a bitter hypocrisy- the church ministry of her parents and the demonic behaviour back at home. The contrast made her sad the more.

She already prepared a note for her parents for when they would receive her corpse:
‘Mummy and daddy, if I never knew anything at all, I knew that the Creator never wanted marriage to be like this. I love you two very much.’
She reviewed it again and was very scared of the knife, but she was determined. She counted to 10 and tried to stab her stomach, but she was too scared. She counted to 5 again and then 10 again and then another 5 and with a sinful bravery, she stabbed hard.

Mr and Mrs Tili had calmed down but were no more talking to each other after their sunday-afternoon clash. Mrs Tili remembered again it had been 4 hours since she set her eyes on their only child, Nirin. She initially thought she was sleeping but felt she should have woken up. She stood up, eyed her husband disdainfully, wore her slippers and moved to check Nirin in her room. She opened the door……
Yeh mogbe o‘. Her scream attracted her husband.
The blood was color crimson.

2 clashing parents are one of the worst gifts you can give a child. There is so much violence and abuse in the home nowadays and it is actually very sad.

Please, I beg you, if you have been setting a wrong example of marriage for your child(ren), please, come and settle it at the cross today. Please, you need to stop and let peace reign in your home and the only person that can do it- is God.

It is worse if you are a so-called minister in the House of God and your home is in disaster. It is a shame and it is a serious height of annoyance. Please, step down from that pulpit/podium/post and go and reconcile with calvary and your spouse and start doing your marriage right from today.

If y’all need a marriage counsellor, by all means go ahead. Please, stop killing the beauty of marriage for we the coming generation and making us hate its “past questions’. You can do better.

Watch out before marriage also. Do not think because a person looks spiritual in church, the person is born again and in the right path with God. Pray for God’s guidance for a good marriage partner and determine to have a godly home.

If you are seeing a bitter marriage, please, take a time to pray for them. It’s victims might be tired and weary from praying and may have lost faith and hope. Try to make it a point of duty to pray for homes that are in dissaray whether you know them or not. You can pray generally for homes who are going through turmoil. For those who have a tough homefront, do not give up. Keep the faith. Keep praying. It is well.

God wants/loves a happy home. Please, for God’s sake, please, start doing it right.

Please, share and drop your comments.

God bless you!


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  1. Beautiful write up dear.
    Oh Lord! Heal all troubled homes a guide the singles aright. Let your mercy speak for all and for the kids also.


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