If you want to organise a school outreach so that you will take pictures and post on ig alone or so that you will get the praises of men or for any other vain unprofitable reason, sigh, I don’t think you should continue reading. Organising a school outreach may be a passion for you; a passion to touch and improve lives yh. What’s important is that you want to contribute to the growth and development of certain persons.
Okay, so let’s go:

-Pray:Commit your plans to God. Lean not on your own understanding. The bible says to acknowledge him. Pray that your audience will listen, learn and put to practice.

-NGO: I will advise you to be part of a NGO group. This makes it easier to be accepted by the school. I remember I attempted to go reach the students in a school and their principal was like ‘Okay, but are you part of any group or something? The students will want to know where you are coming from….’

-Write out your plans: This should include majorly what you want to talk about or do gan gan, the gender (may be both) and class you want to reach out to.

-Your letter: It’s not very official (or official at all) to reach a school orally. Please, go with a letter that has proper details of the NGO you are working with: their objectives, contact address, etc.

-Reach out to the school: Go to the school you plan to reach out and present your letter. Be polite when you approach the school please abeg. You may get a YES or NO. I remember a school told me they had their own counsellors and stuff for their kids.
Do NOT ever forget to collect a workable number from the school that you can call. You can call them about a week later to know whatsup if you are not hearing from them. Please, don’t frustrate them with calls or call the next day after presenting your letter. Give them time to plan and consider you.
Ensure you include discussions with the school on the time and date you should come along; that is if they are willing to allow you to come for the outreach.

-Prepare your notes on what you will speak on.

-Try to be connected to another organisation that might help you in matters that are beyond you. For example, if the students confide in you about their experience with abuse, you have to make an effort in providing a solution. You will need to refer or involve an organisation that works with these kind of cases if your own organisation does not.

-Organise your funds if you will need funds. Source for donations even before you approach the school so that when you are given a date to come for your outeach, you will not be running up and down looking for funds to actualize your project.

-If you will be giving out items e.g sanitary pads, writing materials, etc, please, ensure that you inform the school authority for permission.

-It may be better to have a friend along with you (if you will be going alone). You, yourself needs encouragement. Evelyn Falaye, thank you so much for so far. Your contribution will be unforgotten.

-Don’t forget to carry the NGO you work with along.


-I beg you in the name of God, be punctual; Preferrably, get there before time. Dress properly also please.

-Be calm. Be engaging. Be relatable. Don’t just go and give the students rules. Try to be on the same page with them.

-Be fun. Avoid being boring.

-Be confident.

-Say things as they are. Do not ever go there and call a penis chukuchuku. Call it as it is abeg. Throway shyness o.

-I advise that if you are talking to a male audience and a female (could even be a teacher or their principal gan sef) comes in and the students show discomfort, use style, use joke, use awada to politely walk them out. This is a situation where you need the students to listen to you. You do not want distractions. You can also walk up to the person and whisper in their ears, pleading with them to excuse you. Same goes if you have a female audience.

-If you will be speaking on more than one topic, pick the most pressing for the last. For an instance, I talk about sexual purity and sexual abuse last. It is very important especially with what our society has become today. I will also advise that you include talks on sexual purity and abuse as they are very important contemporary issues.

-Encourage them to ask questions. You may have to have them write their questions preferrably as some may be shy or uncomfortable in asking. Gather the questions before answering them because if you ask as they come, it will obvious who asked the question. Patiently persuade them to ask questions. It might be tough but when they start to ask, you will realize its worth it. Keep telling them to ask their questions, even after you have received enough. Be ready for any and every question. If you cannot answer there and then, you can get a contact with which to reach the student later on or drop your number. To identify the student that asked, ask for the person to see your privately. You may be lucky or not. Please, do not rush to answer a question you do not have a proper answer to, to ensure avoiding giving a wrong answer. I once made that mistake.

-You may drop your contact for the students to reach out to you later if they need to.

-Take pictures. I don’t care how vain it is. Make sure you take even if it at least just 2 pictures. Please, take pictures, but ensure to ask the school authority if you can take pictures before you do.

-You may maintain a good relationship with that school after, especially if the school’s management was accomodating during your outreach there. You could even offer to organise another outreach there maybe like a year later. There will be new students yh and you may have to remind the old ones what you have said the first time you were there. You can also address unanswered question(s) from the first time.
Whatever it is, it will not hurt to call back and ask about how the students are doing or something.

-In a situation of providing solutions to certain issues eg abuse, you might have to go back to the school to meet with the students. You might have to take the other organisation along.

-You should also give a report back to the NGO you work with.

Important Notes:

-It does not have to be a big project or a big school and if you are running low on cash or have financial issues for that time, preferrably pick schools that are closer to your home or work place; it will be easier for you to just trek there.

-To save transport costs, you can go drop letters in schools that are within the same area in one day. But, let it be like 2 or 3 so that when you are called to s, it will reduce the number of clashes in time or date. But, if you want more, it’s okay. It’s your discretion.

-It is not compulsory to have a poster. But, you can use a poster to source for funds yh….

-When we are talking about outreaches, please do not intend to carry out an outreach during exam or mid term exam periods. Preferrable, go at the beginning of the term.

-For Nigerian public schools, the steps may not be as ‘easy’ as this. I believe when you make an attempt, you will be told the steps to take and what to do.

-It is not compulsory to give gifts, so if you do not have to give, do not beat yourself up.

-You may not be the best but over time, more practice and you become a better you.

-In the 2nd picture I shared in this post, you will notice that I was laughing; Actually, there were intelligent contributions from the teachers including the principal and so far, it is the best school I ever organised an outreach for😍.

Thank you. Please, share and watch out for the next post from my desk. Also, let me know other tips that can be useful in the comment session and if you tried these ones I gave, please, let us know how the outreach went and your experience.

Success in all your endeavours!!!!


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