Hello everyone, welcome back.

In life, when we face challenges, we may tend to think the other side is better; the other marriage, career, car, house, working place, etc, are better.
Truly, they might even look rosy, but how true is this?
At a point in my life, I didn’t want to work in a particular place because I might be required to learn another foreign language, so I tried to dodge by moving to another career path. Then, I got there and realized that it was filled with a lot of research work and reading. The question now is ‘Where do I now run to again?’

I got to realize that most stuff, if not all things that look beautiful have their own thorns. And that place where they look beautiful has someone there taking the pain to work on them.
We cannot keep running to the other side. We cannot keep relocating out of the country. We cannot keep flying here and there just because it’s brighter.

Let us sit down where God has placed us and cultivate our own beautiful garden. The challenges would come and it might be tough, but to him who would stay and rugged it and be patient, he would reap the fruits.

The grass is greener where God has given you and your decision to water it.

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