Hello everyone😊. Please o, have you been telling others about this space? Ah, abeg ask yourself inside yourself o and change if necessary.

Today, I will be sharing 30 facts about myself, but it seems I might have to share more in another post. But, for this one, let’s go:

1.) I am a child of God.
2.) I don’t like the fact that I am outspoken.
3.) I do not like bread (unless toasted), milk and beverages.
4.) When I spread my clothes on the line, I like them being in the same place. If there are 3 lines and my clothes are not a lot, rather than spreading them on just one, I’d mostly prefer spreading them on the 3 lines but in the same corner, so my clothes are like in the same ‘domain’. This depends on how ‘not a lot’ the clothes are.
4.) I love music and dancing. This is like an (almost) everyday thing for me. When I watched The Wedding Party 1, I just wished I was among those who danced with Sola Sobowale for ‘eyin temi bawoni o’. For real.
6.) I become nauseus after eating bread and egg. Well, mostly. So, bread and eggs isn’t even on my timetable for food.
7.) I find it quite hard to keep up with foreign series. I think I get tired along the way. Well, apart from korean series. *sips tea
8.) I enjoy washing plates but hate sweeping.
9.) I was in the science class but then had issues with chemistry, so I moved to the arts class. This was in SS1.
10.) I have issues with Mathematics. It stresses me honestly.
11.) I don’t think I’ve ever had a best friend. I wish to have one though. Apply within!
12.) Babysitting comes easy for me. The process of caring for children is cool to me.
13.) I don’t know if I like the idea of having crushes. That phase is just stress tbh.
14.) As much as I may speak on controversial issues and as much as I am outspoken, I don’t like trouble or clashes. Then again, as much as I do not like trouble, when people do ridiculous things to my personality, I have the ability to set them straight or stand my ground.
15.) Usually, I find it difficult to cry. I made a decision in secondary school to stop crying anyhow and when I was ready to start doing cry-cry, it was too late. Crying is mostly like a struggle and when I eventually do, I just shed a few tears. And I don’t think I like people seeing me when I am crying. And sometimes, when I actually do want to cry, I may force myself not to.

16.) I’m the shortest amongst my siblings.
17.) I am dramatic and on whatsapp, some of my replies carry drama because I type from my own drama feeling. I just feel like I need to add them exclamations and smileys. And they are- drama. Let me mention that I will like to join the drama ministry.
18.) For a while now, I’ve been at war with unforgiveness. It’s tough. Sigh.
19.) I like my small stature. The news that I am growing taller does not thrill me. I like that small stature as it is laidis.
20.) I try not to react immediately to negative actions so that I don’t end up reacting based on misinterpretations or any thing that might prove me wrong later.
21.) I love oranges and I like avocadoes.
22.) My name was Linda but it was changed to Catherine at an early age, because Linda, as I learnt, turned out to mean ‘serpent’ or ‘snake’. I don’t like the name Linda though. I was born on a Sunday- call me Bose lol.
23.) I don’t think I am a perfect cook. It looks like my cooking is a matter of goodluck or badluck. The bad luck aspect is frustrating, but then, I think this occurs majorly when I am living alone.
24.) I have a battle with laziness.

25.) When I was 14 years old, I sat on our center table that was made of glass. It broke and my right arm got a kinda long tear. It was a terrifying experience.
26.) In SS2, I stabbed my classmate with a pen and he bled although he stabbed me first but I didn’t bleed.
27.) I wrote the names of teachers who flogged my sister and I when I was in primary 3. It escalated into quite a serious issue. Please, see full story on youtube @Mosunmoluwa Adeleke.
28.) When I was younger, I was informed that flour was used to make cakes, but I thought it was flower that was meant. So, I went ahead to pluck flowers from our compound and mix them in water. Suffice to say, till tomorrow, that cake never got mixed, talkless of being baked.
29.) I slapped my sister when I was younger and my finger prints remained on her cheeks for a while. I also used a knife on her and it landed just at the corner of her eye. I had bad anger issues.
30.) I was naughty as a child. I was the different one; the one challenging the adults and fighting back.

31.) I remove the shells off eggs before I eat them😂. Lol everyone does. Well, except if you are superweird.

Please, do not forget to share and comment. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “30 FACTS ABOUT ME- MAYBE PART 1

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  1. Are you sure you’re a child of God or Child of the world with all the things you just wrote here 😁😁😁😁.
    It’s nice knowing this awesome aspect of you sha, Drama empress.


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