I remember in my undergraduate days, I hated shea butter on my hair and I just could not agree with the songs of ‘Sheabutter moisturises the hair’ blah blah. It was not working for me. Gosh, I hated the texture of my hair especially (I think) under the sun after using shea butter. It was a disaster- harsh and sad.
I remember I asked my mum to buy me shea butter and she did- a large portion but when it didn’t work for me, I abandoned it. Now, I dey find am o.

Anyway, these are 3 ways you may enjoy using shea butter.
1.) Simply melt it and add it to your body lotion.
2.) Hair butter (or what I think should be the name.): Oh, I love hair butters. Started recently when using hair oils and leave in conditioner were just a stress for me. Simply melt a portion of shea butter, add leave in conditioner and any hair oil(s) of your choice. Put in the fridge or freezer to solidify (as hard as you want). Apply to hair when you want to. This removes the stress of putting oil and then stress of using leave in conditioner join. This is the lazy person’s choice. Help yourself. You cannot come and die.
Ah after using this, plus you o, plus your hair oh, all of you will be singing halleluyah.

3.) Dirt ‘melter’: Some of you that will wash your hair ehn and be using your nails to scratch the dirt out and the thing wee just be strong and be like hard oily ogi (pap)πŸ’”, I have brought good news by God’s grace. When it’s time for hair wash, kindly melt shea butter (because it’s cheaper for me sha. You can like to use castor oil or any oil, but shea butter is a cheaper option.). Then, baptize, I mean BAPTIZZZZE your hair with this shea butter, cover hair with a plastic wrap (or nylon) and cover efrything with any material that can cause heat. You can use a wintercap. This helps to turn the solid dirt particle in your hair to liquid so it comes out easy when shampoo and warm water jams it.

*To melt shea butter, please, a safer option is putting your sheabutter in a plastic bowl and placing the bowl in hot water. Easy peasy.
*The African Black Soap is a good shampoo.


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