Let’s go!
1.) You know, life is so full of lessons, hustles, stress, mistakes and different puzzles and if care is not taken, you will lose focus and your identitity.

The first rule is to always look to Jesus. Even I myself, sometimes, I shift focus from God, sometimes unconsciously but it is wrong. Looking up to Jesus everyday everytime regardless of how difficult it may be or whatsoever state we find ourselves is key. Always focus on God. Be conscious of God.

2.) Remember that God loves you. Drink this like a cup of your favorite drink everday!!!!
God loves you with a love that you cannot fathom. That love, if you try to fathom it, will blow your mind. God loves you, no matter what you have done and no matter what you are going through, you are loved!

3.) Run away from negativities. Run away from whatever will take away your peace of mind, even if that thing is a person. Run away from friends that belittle you, that gossip, that stress you, that drain and suck your happiness. Run away from gossip, malice, unforgiveness. These things harm you. They drain you and suck you. Stick to positive healthy thoughts. When someone offends you; pray to God for help to forgive. When you offend others, apologize.
Get your strength from God.
Abstain from unnecessary drama.
Basically, live life and make sure your mind is healthy and strengthened.

4.) Trust in God. Even in low moments, put your trust in God. Dont give up on God.
Trust Him….
Be like David and encourage yourself in the Lord!

5.) Mind your business๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Tatafo is not healthy. Stop being nosy yo!
Learn to mind your business and stick to it.

6.) Remember that you cannot solve everybody’s problems.
Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.
Sometimes, people will come to you and all you can do is to sympathize with and pray for them.
Don’t try to fix everything, even your own problems.
That’s why no 4๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป

7.) Be wise. Read and learn verses from the book of Ecclesiastes and the book of Proverbs. Wisdom must not be underrated and underestimated o. Ask God for wisdom. The book of James says those who lack wisdom should ask God who gives LIBERALLY. (Plenty plenty, boku boku)
And even if you think you are wise, still ask God for wisdome in the decisions you make and whenever you want to make them.
Please, read James 3:13-17

8.)Be watchful
Don’t be loose or careless.
Be sharp.
Ah o ga o
Be at alert.
Don’t walk alone at nights.
Don’t speak carelessly.
Some people will just finish withdrawing money from the atm and will enter a public transport and start speaking loudly on phone ‘yes yes i withdrew the money. Yes complete 50k’.
Ah ah.
Keep kwayet and stop exposing yourself.
The bible says to pray WATCH and pray. Some christians only pray, they are not vigilant.

9.) Be prayerful. Everywhere. Anywhere.
Also learn the art of praying for others.
It should not always be about you, my dear.
Pray for your friends who don’t know God, pray for the church, for missionaries, persecuted Christians, pastors, etc.
Always remember to pray for your future and pray that God orders your steps too. Pray fire!!!!

10.) Be respectful and humble.
Use ‘ma’ and ‘sir’ when referring to older people. ‘Good morning’ is not enough. Add sir or ma biko.
Don’t be sitting down while and adult is standing.
Show us small hometraining.

11.) Show love. Lend a helping hand.
Impact lives.
Advise people in the way of the Lord.
Be kind. Be a good mentor. Be approachable.
You can volunteer with GENUINE non governmental organisations.
Organise outreaches and visits to orphanages.
Just impact lives mahn!

12.) Observe good body hygiene.
Please don’t neglect your body.
Eat right and eat healthy.
Don’t let it be after two days before you have your bath๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
Brush twice a day (I am talking to myself to๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ซ).
If you have a bad odour from your armpits, please use baking powder and lemon on your armits for like 5 minutes before having your bath. You can do this like 4 times a weeek. It works!
Basically take care of your body.
Don’t neglect your body.
Rest well too.

13.) Stop being lazy and get out of your comfort zone. Work hard.
Abstain from indiscipline, procastination and laziness.
14.) Don’t judge other people, please!
It is not in your place.
At the same time, don’t be afraid to call what is bad bad.
A bad thing has no other name than bad.
Tell your friends that are wrong that they are wrong but do not judge anybody.

15.) Don’t forget to preach the gospel too. Say the truth always.
When your friends are doing wrong things, let them know. Don’t be afraid to say the truth. Spread Jesus. Let them know!

16.) Keep good friends. The bible says evil communication corrupts good manners. If you are having friends that encourage you to have sex, drink, smoke, etc, you are wrong. If your friends mock you for not having sex, drinking and doing bad things, they are bad friends. You are supposed to have friends that will help you grow in God and in other positive aspects of your life.
Stick to friends that cheer you up when you are down, that teach you the importance of faith and prayers, friends that motivate you to do right, friends that discuss the bible with you and friends that pray for and with you.

Finally, to those who have being hurt or abused, may you find healing and strength.
I pray you see life beyond your hurt and you move beyond it.
To those who do not know God, I pray you discover where all of a rainbowful life dwells.
To those who need to be closer to God and closer to Him, may God help us.
To us, who need answers to all of our prayers and help from God, may we get abundance of them
To those who are confused, may the breeze of clarity flow within us in Jesus nameI pray we all see and understand deeply the height, breadth, length and depth of God’s love for us all.
You are loved. God bless you!

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