P.S. This is our first book review o.

This book is deeeeeeep!!!

So when Ms Frances said she had written a book, first, the idea of her writing a story never dropped in my head for whatever reason (don’t look at me like that, I don’t know!!! And because I now specialise in rolling my eyes nowadays, that is what I am doing to you).
Not only did she write a book, she surprised me with its depth. And it was so rawwwww. Accolades loto.
And because I am not here to summarize it for you (you will definitely read it by your own self), this is one of the reasons why this review is short.
Ah, before village people will let me forget. Guys, she included her own life story and I believe that is a valid example of courage, boldness and new life.
Ehen, as we were saying, the book was or is (English, how far now?😩😨)about 4 girls: Eniola, Lyna, Gloria, Frances (the author’s herself) and a silent abuse victim, Nifemi.

This book detailed the horrible sexual abuse experiences of the ladies especially and most importantly their encounter with God and their journeys to healing.
I am on the whatsapp team for this book and we have heard of different testimonies through this book and it is so amazing.

To get the book and more details, please, check

And to read another review of this book by a blog neighbour, please find it here.

Thank you o.

And I am so grateful to the person that pushed me to drop this review. Na real pushing and I even if I may have rolled my eyes, thank you💜
Till I come back here again; See, I am greatly misbhehaving. I was going to say I now owe you nothing, nada, no blog post but that something inside me reminded me that issalie. My problem is typing. I will always prefer writing to typing and because I cannot snap my writeups and upload them as blog posts, I have now had the thought of looking for someone I will beg to type. Abi which kain wahala be this? Sigh.




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